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Higher and better productivity has become the focus of businesses and is the burning need of the hour in light of rapid technological advancements and rising customer expectations.

CHENZON GPS Fleet Management technology analyses and organizes your fleet to perform at optimum levels. It allows for the attainment of outmost potential for your workforce, this allows for the optimal utilization of your vehicles, providing simple solutions that solve erstwhile complicated and frustrating logistics services, transforming them into a reliable and easy delivery management experience and tool. For all your tracking needs, CHENZON GPS Fleet Management offers the simpler delivery management tools for your transport and logistics operations.

This system utilizes simple and transparent pricing, this works for everyone and is especially suited for newly established companies who are rapidly developing and upscaling. Irrespective of the magnitude of your fleet or company, CHENZON GPS Intelligent Fleet Management & Logistics solution will help your company achieve success at top levels.

Our slogan defines our honest scope; “We have not discovered fleet management, but we have done it better!” In other words, we try to make a little more comprehensible to the public about what a Fleet Management software is.

Our company was established by experienced IT professionals with expert logistical experience. The culmination of their efforts brought CHENZON into being.

CHENZON is based in:
Limassol 3075, CYPRUS
CHENZON ® EE 38821 α

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Neo Yiangou
New Service Development | Founder

Hrach Karapetyan
Full Stack Software Engineer

Surjeet Singh
Information Security Specialist

Gurpreet Singh
Software Engineer