6 Top Achievements of Logistics Companies using Fleet Management software!

  • Published on Apr 13 2019

Neo Yiangou

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How CHENZON GPS Fleet management can add value to your transport and logistics business

Logistic companies need to track every movement of their vehicle fleet for the smooth workflow. The best fleet management software is the one that offers 24/7 insights into your business and workforce. CHENZON is futuristic GPS Tracking fleet management software that allows logistics services to monitor and track their fleet anywhere in the delivery plan. 

If you are not sure how this fleet management software can add value to your transport and logistics business, have a look at the top achievements of logistics companies that are using fleet management software by CHENZON GPS Fleet Management. 

1. Increase Productivity

Keep track of your delivery insights obtained from the fleet management system and analyze how delivery plans can be made better and where the cost can be reduced. Transport and logistics services can focus on things that really matter and eliminate the time-consuming processes like manual dispatching and manual communication with automated dispatching process. 

Get the most out of your fleet and workforce with the automated dispatching and auto-assignment processes. Here are some great features in Fleet management system that can increase the productivity of any logistics or transport company:

Company’s Dashboard Features

Auto Assignment:

You can send the upcoming delivery plan to the drivers at the same time. Any available driver will accept the job and that task will be assigned to that driver. This feature prioritizes the task assignment based on the driver availability and distance from the destination. 

Reassign and Edit Jobs:

Company’s dashboard comes with the option to edit or update any delivery plan. The Fleet manager can reassign or edit the plan even after the delivery has been dispatched. You can also update the status of any delivery manually. If a delivery goes undelivered at the due date, you can set it for the next day delivery manually. 

Vehicle Tracking:

You can track the driver’s current location with this amazing feature. As soon as the driver reaches at the destination of the delivery, you will be updated about the driver’s arrival. This feature is also equally helpful for customers so they can receive the delivery timely. 

Driver App Features

Mobile Job Assignments:

Deal with maximum deliveries with minimum hassle. If you get a pickup order from driver’s nearest location, let the driver know about new pickup location and assign the job on driver’s mobile app.

Courier Mode:

Manage maximum tasks in less time with this feature. This feature in driver’s app allows the driver to pick and drop maximum deliveries once s/he is out for a single task. 

2. Increase Customer Service

Companies are building strong customer relationships by updating them with real-time status of their deliveries. Happy customers are the real asset of any company and real-time job tracking features by CHENZON GPS Fleet Management allow the customer to keep track of their orders (ETA, distance, etc.). 

As soon as the package is loaded in the delivery truck, you and your customer can track every move of that specific truck with pinpoint GPS tracking. This builds the sense of authority and trust for your customers and you can avoid unnecessary inquiries too. 

Company Dashboard

Instant Notification:

Is there any delay in delivery plan and your driver is unable to reach on time? Client gets instant notifications from your driver on his system about the issue. Make them feel that you care for them and make them feel special. You are going to get a permanent client if your customer is satisfied. All the notifications are sent with your logo, brand name and business email.

Electronic Proof of Deliveries:

Get digital proofs of delivery from driver’s app (e.g. notes, signature, and photos). The manager will make sure that customer is satisfied with the delivery and driver’s behavior as clients can leave their feedback for the person in charge. 

Client’s Features

Task Progress and POD:

Our fleet management will make sure that your clients have the best experience with your delivery. They will be able to know the status of delivery at any time; know the name and face of the driver; get an estimated time of their orders’ arrivals and of course, they can leave rate their experience. Your client will be able to get detailed without spending their time on phone calls with the drivers and your company.  

Live ETA Predictor:

Reduce the driver-client interactions and arguments by offering state of the art Live ETA Predictor. Client will be able informed about the arrival time of their delivery. An interactive map based interface are automatically generated from our system, informing your clients about the dispatch, actual and estimated arrival time of their order.

3. More Workflow Flexibility

Transport companies face issues when things don’t go as planned. Once the packages have been dispatched, it is not easy to reassign the job in case of any change in the delivery plan. But CHENZON GPS Fleet management software has introduced the perfect solution to this problem. 

Reassign and edit job feature allows the fleet manager to change the delivery plan without going into the details. Just edit the tasks and that specific driver will be notified immediately about the change. Instead of spending your time with parties involved and arguments, just edit the job in a few clicks. 

Company’s Dashboard 

Live View Map:

Get one-click access to all of your fleet’s location. If you are running a fleet of 50 drivers, can you imagine interacting with 50 drivers to know their location? Get this done with Live View Map and you will be able to see every driver’s location on your dashboard.

Email Templates:

You can customize these email templates as per your own requirements; including your logo and business email. 

Search & Filter:

Do you want to filter the undelivered orders manually? Get ready to waste precious hours with paper work if you don’t have fleet management system. With out system, you just need to apply filter for any date and delivery status and enjoy the flexibility of faster results.

Track on the Go:

Your business goes with you wherever you go. You can get 24/7 access to your fleet management system from any online device. Our fleet management system is responsive to all of the smartphones, tables and any screen sizes. 

Driver’s App

Easy to Use App:

Unleash the real potential of fleet management app for drivers even they are not expert in tech. Easy to use app and specially designed for a person who can use all the features without any training.

If you want to beat the competition and want to get better control of your business, smart tools like Fleet management software are the perfect solutions. You can manage, analyze and improve your mobile workforce’ productivity and fleet operations with a few clicks.

4. Better Work Life Balance

Running transport and logistics business is one of the most demanding tasks and mobile workforce management systems have become the essential part here. No matter where you are when your customers want to know about the delivery plan, you have to answer them. Do you want to disturb your social life in this case? Mobile workforce management is not like office staff management where you real-time access to each employee. Our fleet management software provides you the same ease of access to your mobile workforce and fleet. With CHENZON GPS Fleet management, you can focus on other things that matter. Reports of mobile workforce allow your company to check the overall progress of your tasks and deliveries in graphical form for progress analysis. 

5. Increase in Revenue Generation

Fleet management software provides you better control of your staff and vehicle fleet. We will help you choosing the best delivery plan, and the best driver for every job. Vehicle tracking allows you to manage your tasks more effectively. Instead of overloading any a single driver with loads of work, make sure that every possible resource is being utilized with maximum efficiency. Instant access to delivery updates not only provides better management of resources but also guarantees customer satisfaction.  

Cost reduction ensures the maximum return on investment and allows the system to perform effectively within the limited resources. 

Vehicle Track-Back/History Playback:

This feature allows you to track back the moves of a certain driver on a specific date. Playback and view history of vehicle’s route. An interactive map based interface lets you track the exact positions and directions your driver followed letting you streamline your entire process from allocation you dispatch and from scheduling to tracking a delivery.

6. Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Frustration

Transport and logistics services need to keep their fleet running with optimized resources. CHENZON GPS Fleet management software consists of three categories:

Company Dashboard

Live View Map:

Get access to the location of all vehicles instead of calling each and every person involved. You can avoid unwanted worries and arguments by using great feature. 

Drivers’ Route Logs & Activity Timeline:

A complete record of created for each driver including his/her deliveries, drop off locations and delivered packages. You can review the timeline at the end of the day to make sure that every instance of drover’s time was used as per the plan.

Bulk Push & Broadcast Logs:

Your driver can receive notifications on his device even if he has not launched the app yet. Company can send bulk push notifications to the drivers and they can update about the current status of any delivery. 

Address Book:

This feature allows the company to save the drivers’ and clients’ contacts in a single place. You don’t need to frustrate about finding the contact again. 

Calendar View:

We make sure that your company does not miss any shipment. You can mark the delivery date on the calendar and can retrieve the specific data on any date. 

Driver’s App

Geo tags and Timeline:

Drivers can update the delivery status during the its progress. You don’t need to worry about the delivery plans anymore. The timeline will have the information about the dispatch time and delivery time, feedback by clients, photos, notes and signature and everything you need in a single page.


If you want to beat the competition and want to get better control of your business, smart tools like Fleet management software are the perfect solutions. You can manage, analyze and improve your mobile workforce’ productivity and fleet operations with a few clicks. Get in touch with us now to get state of the art Fleet Management Software by CHENZON GPS Fleet Management for your business. Let’s be partners and take your business to a whole new level of awesomeness.