Effective Business Management with An Equipped Mobile Workforce

  • Published on Sep 26 2018

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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How to get started with this unique software

With the advent of the mobile device, there has been a tremendous change in the way people interact. In fact, it has become a core part of our social interaction. But beyond this family and friends level, it is evident that even businesses would not function effectively without the mobile workforce. What kind of businesses? There are no exaggerations with the word “ALL” because every business today require staff mobility and a high level of coordination between the core groups; 

- Executives and Senior Managers who need to be in touch with the office at all times, access information and make decisions in real time,

- The Sales Force who require access to remote data to retrieve up-to-date information on the customer, competitors, and products to be able to produce quotes and take orders – all whilst being out of the office and 

- The Service personnel who needs to follow a set delivery plan and be properly guided on the appropriate delivery route in real time when there are changes in schedule plan.

Any smart person would quickly ask how the mobile workforce/device would be indispensable in today’s business. Now, for businesses, large-scale or SME, whose services involve transport and logistics, it would be almost impossible for the management to effectively draft working delivery plans, track fleets, and provide working logistic solutions.  

But mobile devices integrated with CHENZON GPS FLEET MANAGEMENT makes the whole difference. The software is equipped with modern network technology, such as the GPS to provide mobile solutions with a focus on the mobile workers such as the taxi drivers, food delivery, courier services and other similar tasks in moving companies.

The software is also designed with features to support off-line working and provide reliable service through local caching and synchronization. This is an essential opportunity for any moving company that wants to within significant improvements in management control as well as customer satisfaction. 

As a delivery tool, this GPS tracking solution provides the mobile workers with a central scheduling and planning system that allows routes optimization. It communicates with the delivery staff in real time early on changes in schedule. This is ideal for the service personnel to meet up with service level requirements.

To ensure success in today’s business, fleet managers need to utilize this new online delivery software technology to proactively manage costs as well as improve long-term planning. 

With this brilliant knowledge shared so far, any company with the right attitude towards success would be eager to learn ‘how to get started with this unique software”. Well, it’s the easiest you can think of. Let’s have a brief look at how it works:

1) When your company adds a driver, the employee  receives a download link of the "CHENZON” Android App via an email 

2) Once a delivery and pick-up task is created in the system and assigned to the your driver, he gets a notification displayed on his smartphone and clicks into the task to the see details

3) The App provides all the needed information and assistance required to get the task successfully completed such as the pick-up and delivery addresses, distance to those addresses, the best route, the contact details of the client and more.

4) Once a task is completed, the driver can add notes, a picture, signature and click “Successful” to submit and then move on to the next task.

To ensure success in today’s business, fleet managers need to utilize this new online delivery software technology to proactively manage costs as well as improve long-term planning. 

What are the benefits of this mobile workforce?

As the best route planner app on the mobile devices, fleet managers can easily meet their set priorities which include;

- Improving staff effectiveness

- Improving customer satisfaction

- Improving staff satisfaction

Fleet management is a complex and largely data-driven process that requires involvement in every part of a company’s fleet. But with the advent of modern network technology, the mobile workforce, it is important that technicians, procurement specialists, data analysts, drivers, inspectors, fleet managers and more utilize the unlimited powers of the giant CHENZON GPS FLEET MANAGEMENT software to ensure a smooth and more effective business.