GPS Fleet Management sets record for client

  • Published on Jan 20 2020

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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The role of transport and logistics in shipping has certainly changed with the rise of GPS courier tracking software. Chenzon’s fleet management software is seamlessly integrated to Google Maps.  This means customers can track packages in real time from the distribution location to their own hands.

Chenzon GPS Fleet Management is a SaaS (software is accessed online via a subscription) software delivery manager with an Android App that offers tracking designed to help manage logistical operations from a centralized location. The delivery and pick up order is tracked along with updates and alerts e.g when the package arrives at its destination or when the task is completed and signed by clients. Customers can provide real time feedback to the company, allowing to develop stronger and better customer relations as well as hone the delivery process – all from the convenience of Chenzon’s platform.

One customer of Chenzon recently discovered just how incredibly powerful the solution could be when they managed 1,650 deliveries operations in a single day using Chenzon. This is a feat as of yet matched by another GPS fleet management company. Chenzon’s other customer base is very close to matching and passing this feat because of the additional features the system provides its users.

CHENZON GPS Tracker for local deliveries. An efficient delivery planning software.

Chenzon sets itself apart from other GPS transport and logistics by being customer-centered and requiring minimal interaction; designed to be easy to use even for non tech-savvy users. The system does almost all of the work for the user and the customer simultaneously. From creating tasks to allocating, tracking, reviewing and rewarding, everything is set in an easy to use and integrated environment!

Chenzon offers a free signup for new customers.  Pricing and other information is on the website.  Contact us at and request a demonstration to see how GPS Tracking can help a business with record setting deliveries.