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  • Published on Mar 02 2019

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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To help Our customers grow with CHENZON

At CHENZON GPS Fleet Management, we are always looking for ways to innovate to make our platform an even more powerful tool for small businesses and the Fleet Managers who support them.

In the last two years, we’ve devoted almost thousand euros in research and development to deliver new features and improved functionality of our system. We have announced major improvements in our features, offerings and users experience in order to deliver the best possible logistics solutions and delivery tools to local delivery companies.

Today, we are taking the next step forward by announcing new pricing plans designed to help businesses grow with CHENZON GPS Fleet Management. These new plans will take effect on March 1, 2019:

+ ‘Free 14-day Trial’ plan. Remain the same ?.Get Started with CHENZON GPS Fleet Management for free and see how flexible and simple it is to manage and control your Deliveries and Logistics. No Credit Card Required. Cancel Anytime. This plan will be 0.00/14-day for up to 14 tasks and 1 driver. Try it now, FREE!

+ ‘Growing’ plan. Formerly ‘Basic’. It makes it easy for growing businesses to track all business costs and revenue. The price of this plan remains the same but offers much more tasks and drivers per month. Drivers and Tasks per month were increased by 100% namely, 10 drivers / 500 tasks at $7.99/month.

+ ‘Established’ plan. Formerly ‘Premium’, has been upgraded for companies with almost 60 deliveries / moves per day. Now, Transport and Logistics services companies can be benefited with this plan since we offer 1300 tasks per months and up to 40 drivers. And as promised, the price of the plan remain the same; $19.79/month.

You will be automatically updated to the relevant new plan on March 1, 2019. You can also easily switch plans as your needs evolve.

New Feature:

We’re pleased to announce that our customers are able to enjoy all available features of our solution regardless the plan they choose, with improvements, but also with an extra feature:

Task Auto Assignment letting us doing the job for you by finding and assigning the task to your driver on your behalf, plus

• a new improved Android App version.

Our charges remain the same allowing our customers to continue using these features at the same price as the business grows.

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