Put simply, it connects your drivers out on the road with the staff in your back office.

  • Published on Jul 17 2019

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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Having this connection means that your drivers get all of the information that they need to complete a delivery.

Is it a more general technique of project management or how products are moved from one location to another?

In brief, it's up to that.

It relies on who you are and what you want. If you're a company that gets outcomes or "deliverables" to a client or customer, you're likely searching for more understanding of the former. This article does a nice job of breaking down what delivery management is in this respect. You have come to the correct location for the latter scenario.

Delivery management looks at how products are being transferred from one place to another. Sometimes referred to as dispatch or fleet management, it responds to the question, "How do we get this item from A to B?" The delivery manager is generally referred to as a shipping manager, logistics manager or dispatch manager. Delivery managers are often responsible for handling local delivery operations and driver activities. They are often the midpoint of contact between warehouses and those making deliveries in smaller businesses. Orders are often processed programmatically for more robust activities, enabling a delivery manager to concentrate on issue areas— like a delayed order.

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Apart from simply viewing and handling orders transportation, delivery management also includes improving processes. Deliveries are intended to be made more cost-effective and in less time, often while retaining a high service standard. In the field of delivery management, such time and money-saving means include lowering the cost of liability, monitoring vehicles and optimizing routes, and intelligent dispatch. Improving one's delivery management process usually happens when activities become too complicated for one individual to manage.

Whether moving from a home-brew solution to handling various spreadsheets and calling service drivers to use solid shipping management software, the end outcome is always the same — to get what they have ordered to the client when they want it.

If you want to enhance your service management process and want to know more about delivery management software, do not hesitate to drop us a line. We would love to know what you are up to.