Revolutionize your Client’s Transport and Logistics Operations Experience

  • Published on Nov 19 2018

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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A New Age For your company’s Delivery Plan with our state of the art software delivery manager

With a unique business climate that is constantly adapting to change companies are looking at unique and cost effective ways to better manage their operations and logistics. Logistics services that are tailored specifically to a company’s needs is what is desired in today’s shifting marketplace. Customized Delivery tools are needed to produce the highest quality and value of services when it comes to the Mobile Fleet Industry. Managing your company’s mobile fleet and workforce operations is now easier, more cost effective and more streamlined than ever before with our new customized Mobile Fleet delivery tools. With a state of the art combination of a fully integrated dashboard with multiple capabilities and a user-friendly android mobile app for your company’s mobile fleet, the customer experience for your top clients is sure to be unforgettable. Higher productivity, more streamlined management and improved operations can all be achieved through our new technology labeled CHENZON GPS Fleet Management. It is the recipe for companies to not only be satisfied, but to thrive beyond expectations when it comes to their internal mobile workforce operations and overall logistics services.

This new and redefined technology will add instant, lasting and effective benefits to any organization utilizing fleet management operations. The simple question is this…”Do you want to add to your company’s bottom line through new technology that will bring cost effectiveness to all of your fleet management operations?” “Would you like to see your company more integrated and organized through a mobile process that will add to the value chain of your company and improve logistic operations?” All of your goals can be achieved through the CHENZON GPS Fleet Management system.

Let’s take a look at the user friendly features of our one of a kind Dashboard; designed and accessible only by companies with a mobile workforce. Here’s how it works:

CHENZON GPS Fleet Management Dashboard: 

1) Create an account with the best membership option to fit your company’s needs; give the name of your company and upload your logo too

2) The CHENZON Dashboard is comprised of two main components – the sidebars and the map from which you can view and manage your mobile workforce and daily tasks.

3) Create your company’s teams e.g VIP or A-Team, where you can assign your mobile workforce e.g drivers or outside Sales forces, service personnel etc 

4) The mobile workforce then, is notified when added and the drivers can now download the CHENZON mobile App on their Android Smartphone

5) Create a task and add the details of the task for your driver, select the scope of the task and the team and driver that the task will be assigned to. 

6) Select the client that the task associated with; interactive maps will display the exact points of pickup and delivery.  

7) Track the mobile workforce through the Dashboard and be informed of driver’s location, delivery times/status. ETA to destination and more!

8) Keep informed your clients via SMS, email notifications or a tracking link of their task’s status at various stages. Also, you can send instant updates to improve efficiency of your mobile workforce with our push notifications. These messages can be set up for different triggers including Tash Started, Driver Arrival and Task Completed. 

9) Option to track back the moves of a certain driver on a specific date is available. An interactive map based interface let you track the exact positions and directions your driver followed letting you streamline your entire process from allocation your dispatch and from scheduling to tracking a delivery. 

10) Utilize Reports of Activity of your mobile workforce in the Dashboard analyze tab.

CHENZON GRP Fleet Management has truly managed to streamline and revolutionize the logistics experience for customers through this new mobile fleet technology. 

This Dashboard designed to provide the ultimate in cost effectiveness for your Organization as well as increase workforce and Organizational productivity while providing job effectiveness for each and every delivery ensuring that your customer gets the most premier and efficient service possible 100% of the time.

Let’s look at the Chenzon Android App which is designed and accessible exclusively from your mobile workforce.

Drivers can immediately download the user-friendly app on their Android Smartphone once an invitation will be sent by their employer.

1) Once downloaded, they will be immediately informed of the tasks assigned to them by their company,

2) Click into the task to see its details and start it using the "Accept" button.  

3) In the detail page of the task, tap on the address to launch the map and the directions of the task (from where “You are now” to “Pick up” address & then to “Delivery” address). Then you can choose Google Maps as your navigation app. 

4) With the "CHENZON Android App" you can even text the client through a private number so client won’t have access to your phone number (if enable by your company) 

5) You can complete the task the same way as it is started. The app provides you the options as well to add notes, take a picture, ask your client’s signature and then you just click on “Successful” button to submit and move seamlessly to the next task on the list.

CHENZON GRP Fleet Management has truly managed to streamline and revolutionize the logistics experience for customers through this new mobile fleet technology. Resources are used more efficiently and the delivery process is an easier, speedier and more beneficial process for the company itself and the customer. By adopting this new CHENZON GPS Fleet Management System your company will adapt to the new technological landscape, which currently drives the mobile fleet industry.

We offer 14-day free trial version so that people could see the difference. After knowing the true value of a fleet management system and services, one can conclude that CHENZON is really a great solution to manage your vehicle fleet and/ mobile workforce so that you can pay attention to your business. 

Regardless of the number of mobile workforce and fleet, CHENZON GPS Fleet Management will greatly improve the chances of success. At the end of the day, a successfully company empowers their workforce, turning them into a more dedicated and passionate workforce. This embodies the motivational drive beneath the state of the art technology we proudly call CHENZON.