The role of mobile apps as they lend themselves to the logistics industry

  • Published on Oct 21 2018

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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Explore more reasons why transportation and logistics companies need to implement mobile apps in their industries

With the advent of new tech and the associated benefits, the logistics industry has begun the massive transformation. Significant in this change is the role of mobile apps as they lend themselves to the logistics industry. Most delivery services such as the Courier Service, Supply Chain, Food Delivery, Taxi Service, Transport and logistics, and Moving Companies now adopt mobile apps as a perfect means to facilitate management and monitoring of their business processes and workflow. 

Logistic industries that implement mobile apps in their businesses have been able to achieve lots of benefits which include;

Improved Flexibility in the Delivery Process

Flexibility is very important for effective deliveries in the transport and logistics companies. This is exactly what the mobile apps do.  In addition to controlling the flexibility of their supply chains, there are opportunities for businesses to develop new levels of partnership between the Logistics Company and customer. This goes a long way in achieving excellent customer service in addition to better customer retention.

Mobile apps offer companies greater flexibility in creating highly customized services and scheduling delivery services and allow for different while-in-flight processes to meet specific customer needs. 

Visibility into Cargo Movement

Logistics companies are able to track their mobile workforce and vehicles as well as offer real-time insights with the GPS-based mobile apps. Before now, most logistics companies could track those deliveries only when are get to designated destinations such as the customer’s location, depot or the port. With the advent of a recent generation of mobile apps and the GPS tracking solutions, transport and logistics companies can now carry out individual tracking of parcels on a distance and time-specific basis. This helps to reduce the loss of stock in transit and increase productivity as there is a drastic increase in real-time insight and visibility of the entire delivery chain. The time of arrival for customer packages can actually be predicted using the ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) feature on the mobile apps. This is very important as it will enhance the customer experience as well as improve customer trust. 

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Businesses, as well as customers, can now have real-time and accurate proof of product deliveries, signatures, delivery data and photo as evidence of delivery. This is exactly what CHENZON does. The logistics tracking software tracks and traces drivers and customer goods on the second-to-second and meter-to-meter basis. Logistics companies can now enjoy accurate invoice generation as soon as goods are delivered. With the ETA feature, the mobile workforce/drivers can avoid disruptive phone calls from angry customers as well as avoid late deliveries. This leads to effective route planning, better workflow, and even fuel efficiency improvement.


Logistic companies can now achieve the utmost potential of the mobile workforce and vehicles while solving complicated and frustrating logistics services.

CHENZON Mobile App

CHENZON GPS Fleet Management technology analyses and comprehends your fleet to an optimum level. The mobile App has proven efficient in providing users with all the tools needed to effectively complete pickup and delivery tasks while providing customers with real-time updates. This mobile integrated software provides stakeholders with visibility into pickup and delivery. Every business and workforce are unique. A successful business empowers and motivate their workforce, turning them into a loyalty employee. CHENZON Android App helps to provide the driver with task details and schedule, and gives mobile workforce a good knowledge of what tasks need to be done. This is important as it gets them challenged to get more jobs completed and generally improves efficiency.

Logistic companies can now achieve the utmost potential of the mobile workforce and vehicles while solving complicated and frustrating logistics services transforming them into a reliable and easy delivery management experience and tool. 

CHENZON is simple and comes with transparent pricing that works for everyone. Contact our sales at for a custom plan as you discuss your needs.