The Uber of Delivery

  • Published on Jan 27 2019

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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CHENZON GPS Fleet Management software supplies the last-mile logistics for hundreds of on-demand delivery apps.

When you want food delivered to your door, there are 20 apps for that. If you need furniture for your house, some boxes put into storage, there are hundreds of available apps that offer those services.

However, the question is how do all these companies handle their logistics of getting a product from a merchant to the smartphone-clutching customer waiting at home? The answer is simple; they are turning to yet another startup: Cyprus-based delivery-management software provider CHENZON GPS Fleet Management. 

CHENZON’s platform helps the companies delegate jobs to their delivery fleet or 3rt party courier services, communicate with their clients when the driver is on his/her way with real-time dispatching, managing & tracking alerts when their orders are estimated to be fulfilled!

CHENZON GPS Fleet Management’s software-as-a-service product charges companies each month on the basis of how many deliveries they make. It is FREE for companies with less than 14 deliveries and pickups per month. CHENZON’s business-to-business model is meant to help local merchants get into the on-demand delivery era. 

Our solution has been specially designed to be easy to use even for non tech-savvy users. Minimal interaction is required between your drivers and our app. All tasks statuses e.g acceptance, arrivals, ETA, POD etc can be updated as simple as tapping on a few big colored buttons.

CHENZON GPS Fleet Management technology analyses and comprehends your fleet to an optimum level. Achieve the utmost potential of your people and vehicles while solving complicated and frustrating logistics services transforming them into a reliable and easy delivery management experience and tool. A unique, optimized, yet a simple Dashboard and App that altogether empower your business by minimizing the costs, raise productivity, and enhance customer service.

Delivery services companies need more than drivers and cars. They need an accurate and easy to use dispatch system that can keep your team in the right place at the right time; and CHENZON GPS Fleet Management can do that.

Managing your team’s drivers used to mean running your own server. Sending SMS messages from your app used to required big hardware and employee investment-today. CHENZON is doing the same for managing your delivery and pick up services. Instead of needing to make your own dispatch or navigation software for your team, CHENZON lets you focus on building your business while it figures out who should go where but also, tells them how to get there. 

The CHENZON Dashboard is comprised of two main components – the sidebars and the map from which you can view and manage your Drivers and daily delivery and pick-ups. You can add tasks (deliveries and pickups) manually. Each task can include notes for your drivers and add extra info thy need to share with the client. Then, you can assign a task to a specific driver, or let CHENZON automatically assign it to the next available driver. With CHENZON can even track back of your mobile workforce’s schedule and location, the time each delivery of pickup task they completed.

Drivers can manage their own side of CHENZON from its Android mobile app. They can call the client with private number (if enable by your company)

Your clients can even track the driver online via an exclusive tracking url, to see exactly where they are and the ETA of their order. And once they deliver or pick up the item, client can sign off on the delivery and your driver can add pictures or noted about the deliver for proof and to help our with future order.

From your office, you can track your driver on an interactive map, making sure everything is being delivered and get notified if something goes wrong. 

Delivery services companies need more than drivers and cars. They need an accurate and easy to use dispatch system that can keep your team in the right place at the right time; and CHENZON GPS Fleet Management can do that without your company needing to invest in building your own system and app. 

“Every business and its workforce are unique. Businesses should empower their unique workforces and turn them into a strategic competitive advantage. Our GPS fleet management solution helps businesses to succeed and it is a part of our tech culture. It’s the driving force behind the innovated GPS fleet management technology we called and defined CHENZON” say Neo, who is also CHENZON’s founder. 

Regardless of the size of your company or your fleet, CHENZON GPS Fleet Management platform will significantly influence your company’s success.

Nice, simple software! Great article too!

  • Comment by: Neo Yiangou (InSpirus Cyprus Company Ltd)
  • Date: Jan 28 2019