World Information Development Day | 24 October

  • Published on Oct 24 2018

Neo Yiangou

Founder, New Service Development

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What the day stands for and what CHENZON has achieved in advancing the aims of this day.


Instituted by the United Nations general assembly in 1972, the World Development Information Day has held every year since then, as it is marked again this year, it is expedient to understand what the day stands for and what CHENZON GPS Fleet Management has achieved in advancing the aims of this day. It was established to galvanise action and draw attention to the world’s developmental problems, which crucially are morbidly extensive and the importance of strengthened international cooperation needed to solve these issues. 

Core principles of this day and its goals involves proffering solutions to the problems of trade, the rise and proliferation of modern information technologies such as mobile and internet are responsible for bridging information gaps, closing the digital divide between advanced and developing countries and fostering innovation to boost rapid development and business growth. 

These principles form the crux of our goals at CHENZON, we kindle consistently rapid growth through excellent logistic services, delivery efficiency and fleet management. These we strive to provide through innovative delivery management that produces delightful results, our goal is to transform the business environment through mainstreaming of fleet management technology, this we achieve by leveraging on possibilities offered by technology. This enables us to transform erstwhile frustrating and development clogging experiences such as logistical deficiencies into reliable and easy delivery management tools.  

Our drive has allowed us become catalysts of development which the World Development Information Day aims to stimulate, we empower businesses though our unique, simple to use and optimized dashboards to minimize costs, create cost-effective solutions, increase productivity and solve costumer service bottlenecks resulting in enhanced and effective costumer service engagement. 

The United Nations has worked for years to draw attention to developmental problems, this has inspired us to offer practical solutions to these problems.

Our GPS fleet management technology at CHENZON embodies our outlook, it allows businesses to development workforce potential to its outmost resulting in the high productivity as a result of effective deployment of vehicles. This is made possible by incorporating this technology into an app, allowing cross functionality and conferring boons to logistic management. Utilizing a simple dashboard and an intuitive route optimization interface, it offers delivery tracking, fleet tracking and a host of innovative solutions solving business logistics and delivery challenges. 

In agreement with the aims of the World Information Development Day, our Android app and dashboard solves problems of trade, it enables the streamlining the convoluted process of resource allocation, delivery dispatch, scheduling and delivery tracking. Offering real time tracking of mobile workforce and fleet, it offers extensive communication possibilities fostering instant updates to costumers, clients and workforce through providing instant information updates as operations are carried out.

The United Nations has worked for years to draw attention to developmental problems, this has inspired us to offer practical solutions to these problems, our fleet management system boosts the decision making process for businesses and becomes the launch-pad for their sustained and continued development. This system utilizes simple and transparent pricing, this works for everyone and is especially suited for newly established companies who are rapidly developing and upscaling. To celebrate this world development information day, CHENZON GPS intelligent Fleet Management & Logistics solution offers a 30% discount for new subscriptions, with our system having the features of being affordable, flexible, adaptable to business needs and catalysing rapid development, celebrating the World Development Information Day celebrates our solutions to solving developmental challenges.