From creating tasks to allocating, tracking, reviewing and rewarding, everything is set in an easy to use and integrated environment!

Your Company’s features (Dashboard):

Branded / White label solution:

The delivery tracking page, which allows your customers to track their driver, can be fully branded with your company’s logo, business email and custom color scheme. We maintain our brand across the dashboard and mobile applications to ensure a consistent and delightful user experience.

Live view map:

Monitor all your fleet and mobile workforce but also the tasks on a single map, which can be designed based on your branding standards and updated live to the minute.

Vehicle Tracking:

Track your mobile workforce and drivers’ current location and distance anytime, anywhere. Know where your drivers are, and be instantly notified when a task is completed.

Instant Notification:

Get real time emails and SMS updates on your deliveries and pickups; for you and your clients. You can reach your drivers even if they aren’t actively engaged. You can provide urgent updates and reminders to your drivers, as well as manage your mobile workforce efficiently with instant updates. Push updates inform exclusively your drivers.

Email Templates:

Customize your email, SMS and Push notification to suit your company image and branding. All notifications can read tags and use your logo and company’s name.

Track on your Website:

Once the task is created through our system, a tracking link is generated letting your clients track their deliveries via your branded dashboard.

Electronic Proof of Deliveries (POD) & Notes:

Digitally capture a photo and delivery notes or have your client sign on your driver app to prove delivery. All of this information is then stored in your job history dashboard.

Calendar View:

Assigned and unassigned but also, the completed tasks of the date appear at the sidebar of the screen and dashboard. An option to view past tasks or create a future one is always a fact. You just select the date and voila, done!

Search & Filter:

Your operation officer can filter and search the views by Date/Time (calendar option), Drivers Status (Offline, Active, Total) and Task Status (unassigned, assigned and completed)

Auto Assignment:

Create a delivery or pick-up order and let CHENZON automatically assign it to your driver; one by one and/or first to who is currently at the shortest distance from the task's destination. Send the task notification to the entire drivers at once and will be assigned to an Agent who accepts it first, is also an option.

Reassign and edit jobs:

Reassign all or selected tasks between drivers with just one click of the mouse. Edit or change status of any task manually easily and effortlessly.

Address Book:

Add your clients to the address book as contacts and easily retrieve them when adding jobs and tasks. Same logic for your drivers!

Drivers’ Route Logs & Activity Timeline:

Review where your drivers have been to for the day and based on progress status of each task assigned to them. Through the activity timeline, you can review the notes sent by the drivers as well.

Import CSV task։

If you moving from a different system then import your existing tasks using csv formatted date, into CHENZON GPS Fleet Management.

Email, SMS and Push Logs:

Lists of Log records of all the notifications sent from your dashboard; to whom, time and date but also their status (fail/sent/rejected etc) can be reviewed from these lists.


You can check the progress “so far” of your mobile workforce from our system by selecting the “Report” option and set the parameters you are interested in e.g Time, Team and Driver. All the analytics are viewable in graphical form via the dashboard Analyze tab.

Agent Track Back/History Playback:

This feature allows you to track back the moves of a certain driver on a specific date. Playback and view history of vehicle’s route. An interactive map based interface lets you track the exact positions and directions your driver followed letting you streamline your entire process from allocation you dispatch and from scheduling to tracking a delivery.

Bulk Push & Broadcast Logs:

This module allows you to deliver information from your dashboard to your drivers’ smartphone without a specific request from the app; means an app does not have to be launched by your driver to get a Push Notification. Send bulk Push notifications to your Drivers by specifying the Team name. Get instant status of the Bulk Push notifications (In Process, Sent, Completed). Keeps records of the push notifications recipients.

Track on the Go:

Access your account on your smartphone, tablet or any web-enable device to manage your fleet without any concern. Our system is 100% responsive.

256-Bit SSL Encryption:

All the communication channels between you and our server are encrypted with 256-bit SSL protocol. All data passed between the web server and your browsers remain private and integral.

Affordable Pricing:

Get Started with CHENZON for free and see how flexible and simple it is to manage and control your Transports and Logistics. No Credit Card Required. Cancel Anytime.

Your Driver’s features (mobile App):

Capture Signature and Photos Proof:

Capture your client’s signature by signing on driver’s smartphone screen. Your driver can take multiple photo proofs of arrival, setup and damaged items and for any other business reason!

Geotags and Timeline:

Geotags and timeline activities let you know where and when your drivers update the delivery status assigned to them. It helps you to make the “far away” seem more up close and personal and take the control of your people and vehicle fleet.

Android App (*at this stage):

Completely Free! Start tracking with any Android phone. Our solution has been specially designed to be easy to use even for non tech-savvy users but also, for automating and optimizing operations.

Easy to use App:

User-friendly app with big colored buttons that allows your driver simply tap to deliver and update status of their assigned deliveries and pickups. No need in training your staff.

Mobile Job Assignments:

Assign tasks in real-time directly to your driver’s smartphone that CHENZON Android App is installed to, without hassle and effortlessly. Minimal interaction is required between your drivers and our app making your scheduling and task tracking more efficiently. All tasks statuses e.g acceptance, arrivals, ETA, POD etc can be updated as simple as tapping on a few big colored buttons.

Driver Push Notifications:

It's like an SMS message. Your fleet managers can send direct push notification and your driver will receive it on his/her smartphone home screen. Great for prompting immediate interaction and engaging drivers not currently active in app.

Delivery/Pick-Ups Instructions:

Easily communicate any changes in drivers’ tasks instructions via our Android app. The driver will be informed immediately without any hassle and delay.

Courier Mode:

Link together a pickup and a delivery task as a single courier job. Our courier tracking solution allows all working hours to be used effectively. You are guaranteed to enhance your productivity.

Grab auto-assign or unsigned tasks:

Your mobile workforce can grab and accept open unassigned jobs from you. Create a task and let CHENZON to find out the driver for you. You will be instantly informed whether it was successful or not.

Send Pre-Delivery notifications:

Pre-delivery notifications with ETA to your clients can be sent automatically and based on drivers positions and task’s status. Capture importance milestones e.g “arrived at” etc.

Voice Navigation:

Navigate to pick up and delivery addresses by using Google Map. Google® GPS Voice Navigation provides turn-by-turn voice driving navigation.

Tap to Call:

Simply, tap a single button to make a call to client should the driver requires help / confirmation

Write your Reasons:

Drivers can write the reason of non-accepting task assigned by you to them. Reason will be displayed on Activity Timeline records.

Edit Profile:

The drivers can view and update their profile by upload their photos, change passwords and many more.

Your Customers features (What they see):

Task Progress and POD:

CHENZON's delivery tools enable you to send automated and customizable notifications, status of delivery and feedback/rating form, allowing your clients to be kept informed of the process and give you feedback. All the notifications are sent with your logo, brand name and business email.

Real-Time Order Tracking:

Now you and your client can track every parcel in real-time. Forget disruptive phone calls from angry customers. From pick up to drop off, you and your client will know your driver’s every move.

Proof of Deliver (POD):

Digitally capture a photo, delivery notes and signatures on your driver’s app to prove delivery. All this information is then stored in your job Activity Timeline.

Live ETA predictor:

Your clients have a live map to track their deliveries and view the real-time ETA of the driver. This tracking map will also have your company logo and brand name. You can also inform your clients via emails/SMS and customize them with a tracking/ETA tag.

Customizable SMS and Emails, and a tracking link on an interactive map based interface are automatically generated from our system, informing your clients about the dispatch, actual and estimated arrival time of their order. Moreover, CHENZON GPS Fleet Management display the photo and name of the driver, gives the option to "make a call" but also asks your clients to give their feedback (star rating system. comments, photos and signature). These features instantly build deeper trust and satisfaction with your clients providing in the meantime, a superior delivery experience over your competitors.