How It Works

Smart and Simple to use tools to manage your Delivery and Logistic operations

- Manage -

Take the control of your people and vehicle fleet


Reduce cost associated with fuel, man power and overtime. We can show where your mobile workforce is at a touch of a single button. We offer tools to ensure that every job is allocated to the best driver hence reducing travel time by route optimization. Improved management of business assets provide efficient business and expensive overtime cost can also be a thing of the past through our delivery system. With a minimal cost and the best router planner app, you are guaranteed a perfect package for logistics and transport.


Track your fleet on real-time with vehicle movements, providing you the insight to ensure every job is done by people at the right time in the right way. You hold the authority to observe how, where and when every vehicle of your fleet is being used in an instant. Our transport management software allows all working hours to be used effectively. With our efficient transport solution, you are guaranteed to enhance your productivity.


Instant access to essential vehicle information like locations, distances, arrival times and stationery hours are integrated in our transport management software. You will be able to respond to client inquiries quickly, and with pinpoint accuracy establishing your customers with confidence. Transports and logistics were never convenient and reliable as they are presently. With our logistics solutions, you are bound to give your competitors a tough competition.

- Mobile Workforce -

An app that is compact and easy to use!

Initiate, navigate to destination, contact the customer, and you’re done!

  • All tasks and their details in one place while the drivers head to your destination.

  • Logistics details just one click away! Your company notes, customer contacts, order details, and navigation route present on one screen. Your mobile workforce can access mileage, ETA, and distance.

  • Once arrived, the client will be notified by email or messaged (SMS feature is available as an add-on in all the plans), and

  • Once everything is done, add note, take the picture, and ask for the signature for proofs and click “Done”!

  • Need not worry, all the details driver needs will be integrated in one single screen.

- Customer -

Customer service: First priority!

  • Customizable SMS and Emails are automatically generated from our system, informing about the dispatch, actual and estimated arrival time.

  • Instant access to information regarding the vehicle such as its location, covered distance, and stationary time can be provided anytime anywhere.

  • Instant communication as SMS (available as an add-on in all the plans) and email are sent to the client by your company and vice versa, automatically and in real time.

  • Instant feedback by clients once the delivery is finished.

- Reach the right operational decision -

With our services, you will be able to minimize cost, raise productivity and enhance service to strengthen your business. Here is how you are going to achieve that:

  • Minimize cost by route optimization and identifying the easiest direction.

  • Through our GPS tracking module, locate and find out where the vehicle is present at the moment.

  • Export raw analytics to CSV file.

  • Every operation is efficiently regulated and compensated.

Business setups and the team leading them are unique. The team should be empowered with efficient and strategic controls to obtain efficiency at maximum. Our GPS tracking solution elevates businesses and their strategies. Through our route optimization and logistics solution, we are proud to serve your business needs.
It is with our dedication in both customer service and technological advancements that,
we at CHENZON, strive to offer the best.